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Coffee house culture NFT

We Launched Coffee house culture NFT’s. These NFT’s will be minted on Polygon for 200 matic . There will only be 10,000 minted and each one will be a 1 of 1. These 10,000 will be the Whitelist to any other platform we create in the Future whether it’s in the metaverse or through a website platform or app.

Everyone loves Coffee and Coffee house culture brings people together. The future of these NFT’s and the platforms will be designed to bring people together. 

We have just been successful in creating a gate for our content using our NFT.

So if you have one you will be allowed into any platform or activity before anyone who doesn’t have one of these NFT’s. So get ready to grab one as soon as the Mint opens.

How to mint your NFT

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The love of Coffee

Road Map

Mint NFT's

2nd quarter 2023

Create community

Create a metaverse Coffee shop platform

Will be working on new ways to gate content and whitelist with this NFT

Creating content for the community


Create future platforms for the good of the community

Coffee shop for metaverse

143 Coffee
143 Coffee

Don't Miss out This is the start